Christmas Dinner 2015 – Fofanny

The 2015 Xmas dinner was not the usual affair. The weather in the run-up to the appointed weekend was absolutely awful. Gale force winds across the UK with no sign of abating. Close to the last minute we decided move the feast from it’s usual spot at Annalong Wood to Fofanny Reservoir area feeling that if it did all go horribly wrong we wouldn’t have far to travel to bug out.

As it turned out, windy it was, no doubt about that! However, once we were squirreled away into the forest it was perfectly tolerable. 10 meters outside the forest it was like the coming of the apocalypse, but inside the forest – perfectly tolerable.

So we had the usual massive spread. Turkey dinner with all the fixins washed down with mulled wine and followed with all sorts of sweet treats. Chat was had into the wee early hours as people gradually retired to be lulled to sleep by the howling gale. All in it was a fantastic night again and I can’t wait for next year.

As usual, thanks to all that helped and everyone that braved the elements. Special thanks to Rumblebum and WhoRya for firstly doing the turkey but secondly, for persuading me to not chicken out at the last minute and stay at home with a KFC instead 😉

See you all next year!

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