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Tests With Drying Food

Bugger had me a nice well thought out piece of writing done then a fuse blows and kills everything, so onwards and sod the writing aspect. Got tired of trying to justify the price of some of the brand bought dried meals you can get as at around £6 for a main meal they are […]

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Making Your Own Solid Fuel For Stoves

Hexamine solid fuel tablets are a simple means to cook in a way that requires minimum equipment or in an emergency. The British armed forces used to get solid fuel stoves that used Hexamine in their MRE ration packs meaning they had all the food they needed for a day along with a means of […]

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Ultralight Camping & Hiking Tips

Anyone can get out for a nice night in the open air. There are no shortage of campsites where you can park the car by the tent, bring a gas cooker, comfy bed and if needs be, a portable satellite TV system. It’s unbelievably easy. You can visit Argos in the morning with absolutely no […]

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A Quick Look At Head Torches

Head torches are an essential item for hiking. Either because of an overnight camp or just as a safety item, a decent head torch should be taken on most outings (I keep one in a first aid kit). However, not all torches are created equal and choosing one suitable for your needs is important. If it’s […]

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Feel the fear and do it anyway….. The Solo Camp

If I’m brutally honest the first time I spent alone in a forest at night time freaked the life out of me. Every sound was potentially some knife wielding maniac on his way to attack, every rustle of the wind or sound of an Owl was possibly some evil spirit lurking in the dark woods […]

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Kids and Wild Camping

We blew up to Donard Forest last weekend for a bit of a summer camp slash night around the fire and although we’ve been there many, many times and a trip report might not be the most exciting writing I’ve ever done, I thought it was worth mentioning as encouragement to other parents considering taking […]


Choosing a Wildcamping Tent

I want a tent, not a cathederal Like people, tents come in all shapes and sizes, some useful, some not. Depending on your requirements the number of options are simply mind boggling. In this article I will attempt to give an outline on how to choose a tent based on the standard options available. Please […]


Wild Camp spots in Donegal

Thought you might be interested in a couple of decent wild campsites in Donegal.  These have been used regularly for the past few years by a couple of mates.  It should go without saying that if the sites are abused, then they will disappear. Both are near Dunfanaghy in NW Donegal. The first is reached […]


2 Videos on Kit Lists

I have made 2 videos of kit list, one for day walks and another for overnight wild camps. Lists of the items in each video will be added shortly Enjoy Day Walking Kit List Over Night Kit List