Old knees, new gaiters

So back when I introduced myself, Redleader suggested the Antrim Hills as a fine local stomping ground. Last weekend I threw caution to the wind and set myself the challenge of walking from Ballyboley Forest outside Larne to Glenarm, over the hills. Ambitious, but I wanted to see how I’d cope at long(ish) distance.

The answer was… surprisingly well. After a week of rain the ground was seriously boggy, so the new gaiters were a wise move. I’d drawn up a route plan with guesstimated timings, and I wasn’t far off, so that was good. But I hadn’t packed anything like enough grub, and skipped breakfast, and my energy levels towards the end (say, from Black Hill on) weren’t great.

Fantastic views, though, and encounters with wildlife (and one masochist who ran past me on Ballygilbert Hill – what’s wrong with these people?!?!?) The downhill into Glenarm was murder on the knees, but the big trickly pint in the village was reward enough.

Some pics…


Into the woods


Hills behind me




Ancient Ireland


Strange ground – anyone have an explanation for this formation?


Sallagh Braes


Larne Lough from Sallagh Braes


Standing stone

With thanks to Martin. Original thread here.

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  1. Shahril Shafie says:

    Hi Martin. My friend and I would like to explore trail from Ballyboley Forest to Glenarm as you do. But I could not find any trail on the map. Would you mind giving us some reference? Trail that you follow for example. Thank you.

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