Trassey to Commedagh and back

The weather forecast for Saturday passed was giving a fine dry day and mostly clear sky’s so I talked Mrs B into another wee dander in the Mournes. Now Mrs B’s only previous experience in the Mournes had been up through Donard wood to the ice house and a good dander up the Annalong valley so on Saturday I thought id mix it up a bit and maybe do a summit or three 😮 😮

We parked up at Meelmore Lodge and made our way up along the Trassey Track and took the high path to the right past the boulder field to Hares Gap passing loads of folks out on a charity hike for the NSPCC.
Mrs B was going well and still in good spirits so when I suggested we go left and up the steps at the start of the climb up Slievenaglogh she was all for it 😉 A wee while later we were up and that was her first summit ticked off. After a bit of a breather and some juice I pointed out the shelter hut on Commedagh “sure we’ll take a dander up there” she must have thought I was joking “right come on we’ll go on up the top of this one” Slieve Corragh. Now things were getting a bit tighter we puffing and panting like gooduns, chat was down to zero and the odd F’s were starting to get threw about ::) ::) so after a few photo opportunities – rests we were up. Summit number two ticked off.
After a bit of a look around, a few selfies ( I know I know) and our faces returning to their normal colour 🙂 ( this is the stage when divorce entered Mrs B’s mind) “where to now” I was asked. “Sure we’re going on up to the wee shelter hut” Commedagh ” are you taking the pi$$” and another flurry of F’s flew out of her 😮 😮 😮 😮 “come on sure you’ve came this far another half an hour and you’ll be up (it was a very quiet half an hour). Upon reaching the summit “see did you die” was probably not the best question to ask lol.
A bit of a wander around the summit and a good 45 mins for a “BEAUTIFUL” picnic lunch (I was trying to get back on her good side) was just what we needed I explained that it was all down hill now over the far side down to the saddle an onto the Brandy Pad for the return journey back to Hares Gap. Summit number three ticked.
The hike back along the Brandy Pad was a relief after our tough start to the day and we were talking again ;D ;D I have to admit I was getting it tighter than the Mrs, The views you get along the Brandy Pad are some of the best in the Mournes and before long we were stopping to polish off the remains of our lunch at Hares Gap. Chatting about this and that we set of on the last leg of the hike back down Trassey to Meelmore lodge where a couple of bottles of juice and a few mars bars set us up for the drive home.
A great day out with about 6hrs walking, great weather and that “BEAUTIFUL” picnic lunch ;D ;D
Ps Mrs B wants to know when we’re heading up again HA HA her barks worse than her bite…..

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