Satmap Active 10 Review

We raided the piggy bank and got a spanky new Satmap Active 10 to replace our aging dinosaur of a Garmin Vista HCX. We toyed long and hard over the Mapyx Lowrance range as they work with the digital maps we already have but in the end plumped for the Satmap. The Garmin has served us well but with a small screen and without proper OS maps it was difficult to use. We did tease the Talkytoaster maps onto it but they’re still not the same as having proper OSNI.

The unit has had a few teething issues and alas, didn’t survive the Bullseye Bivvy trip. We’ve sent back for some spannering by the Satmap Elves, as soon as they resuscitate it we’ll give it a proper outing and commit our thoughts to the internet then!

Satmap 10 Review

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