Winter Hen Summit Camp

I had arrived down after the advance group who had been put off by some really bad weather that had passed through earlier on.  With the possibility of some climbing the other guys were happy to find a more sheltered spot and set themselves up for the next day.

A quick call to Typo-on established that he was still “110%”   on for having a go at the hill.   I then made my way up Hen Mountain whilst Typo-on was still making his way down in the car, to see how it all looked.  This was also a good chance to get some dinner and a cuppa into me, and browse NI Wild of course.  A while later a call to Typo-on established he was already near the top of the hill but round the other side.  We worked out we would try to meet in the gully that splits the first torr.  I could barely make it down into the gulley due to the winds being funnelled up it.  Typo-on on the other hand kind of flew up it.

Having met up we went to retrieve my rucksack which was easier said than done, the thoughts of trying to share a Laser Comp spurred us on to find it though.  I was starting to think the other guys had come up and moved it for a laugh.

The weather was always going to be a bit of a challenge on this one, but with loads of different angles possible we wanted to have a go at finding somewhere that was sheltered enough.  We didn’t find that place so we pitched in the next best place!

We had to work on putting the tents up one at a time so one of us didn’t take off, but eventually we got them up.  As tempting as it was to climb into a soothing bed    we resisted the temptation, instead finding a wee hollow to sit in and pass a couple of hours.  In truth, I was happy not to be watching the tent flexing for a while.

As we turned in, the weather had eased considerably and we agreed that the worst of it had passed. That was until about 5 am when it was coming from every angle.  I got up and checked the tents over and was impressed that all the guy lines were all still taut and holding well.  The tents do seem to be designed to absorb a lot of the pressure.

By 8 am it was a good bit calmer and I got to do that obligatory skip around the mountain top with your boot laces untied and take a few shots, while the kettle fired up.

It was a great camp all in.  Nice to do another summit, even in spite of the conditions.  We all met up again down on the track and had a bit of banter.

Video inside the tent.

Spot the tents

This was a little frozen pond, we lamented that fact that Craigy123 wasn’t there so we could dare him to run across the ice, it was really thick. The water was probably about knee deep.


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