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Author Topic: Commedagh - 5 Feb 11  (Read 1672 times)


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Commedagh - 5 Feb 11
« on: February 25, 2011 »

Myself a couple of friends took the chance to knock-off a couple of hills we hadn't done before.  Starting at Meelmore we headed up the Trassey Track to Hare's Gap, turned left and just kept going!

A lot of interesting bits along this walk, here are a few pics for your perusal:

I thought we were going to get it lucky with the weather

Looking towards Hare's Gap

Looking back at whence we came

Slievenaglogh, our first hill of the day

Looking back towards Slieve Bearnagh, I went off for a while here looking for the Diamond Rocks but couldn't find anything of note.

The clouds came in and following the wall it was slightly unclear when we had actually crossed over the top of Slieve Corragh.  With more chance of a view on the north side of the wall and some dramatic features on the map, we crossed over for the remainder of the walk towards the top of Commedagh.  Some of the gullies and the rock formations along here were fantastic.

Just below me is a cheeky bivvy spot for the brave (the little square), by the way there is a similar drop immediately behind me!

The weather got worse and full waterproofs were donned.  As I referred to on another post finding the summit of Commedagh from the watchtower took a compass!

Next we took on Donard which looked imposing in our brief glimpses whilst descending Commedagh.  From the top of Donard we followed the wall down to the Bog of Donard/Bloody Bridge side.

From here it was the Brandy Pad the whole way back to Hare's Gap - bloomin' long!

The Devil's Coachroad looks fantastic from here.

Looking back along the Brandy Pad below The Castles.

All-in-all a fantastic day. Cloud level was at about 550m so the views were restricted but some really interesting features in the landscape.  I crossed off three hills I'd never been up before, I'll be back.
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Re: Commedagh - 5 Feb 11
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2011 »

Looks like a great day out. The picture of the Devils coach looks cool.
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