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Author Topic: Forest camp sites  (Read 153 times)


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Forest camp sites
« on: May 07, 2018 »

Hi I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for campsite with trees. The more trees the better. We love forests.  I am limited in mobility and can not back pack in..looking for good family friend camp sites or even better a farmer with a bit of wooded land willing to rent out a space but would need to be able to reach it by car. We want to avoid crowded  areas or places with lots of drinking and parties.  We also very much want to be able to build a fire but we are planning to buy a camping trailer in the next couple.of weeks so we can bring an above ground  fire pit as I know few places allow fires on the ground. A shame because we would have liked to try out some of the ideas for cooking in small pits... my sons are involved in scouting as well and we have been playing about quite a bit with outdoor cooking. I have a dog that never leaves my side, so only places that allow a pet.
Happy with modest facilities or no facilities. Do not fancy holiday camp type places.

So far we are looking into round lake near five mile town, but any other suggestions for places with trees would be very much appreciated.

Also if anyone happens to be selling a small camping trailer, or can advise any place cheaper than Halfords, please let me know. Been checking gumtree so may find something there, but someone beat us to the best one and the only one the right size now is almost as expensive as halfords and quite rusted.

Thank you for time.


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Re: Forest camp sites
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2018 »

there is some good camping at gosford forest park in co armagh. there are designated fire pits and large areas that can be camped on. The ranger is helpful and it may be possible to find a quiet spot to set up camp. i think there is 4 or 5 main places for camping. mostly i've seen family's camping there, no parties or that sort of thing. there is also lots of trees, even some giant redwood and coastal redwood and monkey puzzles etc. it's a really nice place with lots to explore.

update, it looks like fire are not aloud, only BBQ's.
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