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Author Topic: Knives  (Read 4762 times)


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Re: Knives
« Reply #15 on: September 21, 2009 »

Hi folks, I hope this will be of help,

I retail and wholesale 1000,s of knifes here in Northern Ireland. It is done in an unorthodox way, but it works I have lots of satisfied repeat customers.

I aim to come close to US prices, and generally do , I am often the cheapest in Britain and Ireland.

This is how it works , I ask customers to check the list of Brands stocked on my web site ...or on this post for your convenience!! ;)


Find a knife from one of the brands listed on a USA knife retailers website send ME the details ,pics , a link or product code etc, I will then get a quote to you , unless its really expensive I dont ask for a deposit , you check out the knife, and if it is what you asked for its payment on collection. If you really decide you dont want it; well I can sell it to someone else on my weekend markets.

I always carry a selection of knives etc on my stall , to be found at Jonesboro Market on Sundays or Clogher on Saturdays. Feel free to call down for a chat about requirements, or, see a very small selection of the available stock etc.
There are also contact details on the website or email me at ...   info@armysurplusireland.co.uk

This is a selection of the knife / cutlery brands etc I have in stock.
Any requests for pricing or particular items please contact me.
As always, wholesale orders are welcome.

* Al Mar
* American Tomahawk
* Blackhawk Blades
* Boker
* Boker Magnum
* Brunton
* Buck Knives
* Byrd Knives
* Case Cutlery
* Cold Steel
* Colt
* Columbia River Knife & Tool
* Dakota Watch Company
* Dark Ops Tactical Knives
* Emerson Knives
* Entrek Knives
* Fallkniven
* Fisher Space Pens
* Gerber
* Helle
* Jetboil
* Kabar
* Kanetsune
* Kershaw
* Kissing Crane
* Lansky
* Leatherman
* Lone Wolf Knives
* Maglite
* Masters Of Defense M.O.D.
* McNett Gear
* Mercworx
* Meyerco
* Misc
* Mission Knives & Tools
* Nite Ize Flashlight Accessories
* Old Hickory Kitchen Cutlery
* Ontario
* Pentax
* Proforce Equipment

* Queen Cutlery
 * Racing Reflections
* Rapala
* RAT Cutlery
* Redi Edge Sharpeners
* Remington
* Schrade
* Silver Stag Knives
* Siskiyou Gifts
* Smith & Wesson
* Snugpak
* Spyderco
* Streamlight Flashlights
* Tac Force
* Taylor's Eye Witness (Sheffield England)
* Tomahawk
* Tool Logic
* Ultimate Survival
* United Cutlery
* Victorinox
* Walter, S.A.
* Wenger
* Winchester
* Wrangler Knives
* Zippo

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