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Title: Health and Safety!?
Post by: DryBag on April 26, 2018
Just saw this about Pennsylvania State University banning their Outdoor Clubs:
Title: Re: Health and Safety!?
Post by: Margaret on June 15, 2018
Not surprised. Many schools, youth groups and more are opting out of anything where an accident is possible, but they are looking at it only from a legal perspective, not a long term health perspective. Without a doubt my child is less likely to be injured sitting in front of the television than mountain biking, hiking, bouldering, climbing, or even just going for a walk.  But the long term effects are apt to be worse than many accidents.

Universities are worried about lawsuits, it is a shame a release of liability really doesn't release them from liability, but it doesn't, lawyers find loopholes.  And as much as I hate the whole lawsuit culture, at least where children are concerned I am beginning to think perhaps a few should be claiming against the schools for the long term effects of spending so many hours behind a desk as children. When you consider the time spent commuting and in home work, some children are putting in more hours than working adults. Schools that incorporate the outdoors and healthy activities actually score higher in exams, and have happier healthier children as well.  All the research I have read is based on younger students burnished expect to have a similar effect at a university level as well.