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Title: Be careful on water when going to camp Islands
Post by: Rugged Track on March 10, 2020
We all like to wild camp and have adventures, I am no different.  Please just be careful people while wild camping on Islands when using canoes, especially loading with gear.  Water and wind is unpredictable at times and can change rapidly.  Saturday morning when I got to the Lifeboat station I was on shore crew.  Thankfully are were rescued safely.   It was a large operation, involved were that I was aware of:
Portaferry RNLI Lifeboat (pick up 6 included 2 on an Island and retrieved gear and most canoes)
Bangor & Portaferry Coastguard S&R teams,
Hazardous Area Response Team.
Air Ambulance helicopter
Rescue 199 Coastguard Helicopter from Preswick,  Scotland (winched 2 from another Island)
1 emergency response ambulance
3 emergency ambulances

See official press release report from RNLI  below video click the first picture.

Coastguard pictures