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Title: GPS set up?
Post by: RDeckard on April 29, 2019

I used viewranger on my android phone for a while and found it great, really user friendly but had to take it off eventually as my phone got older and memory was an issue. Would like to get back into using GPS again but not sure which set up to go for.

Looked at dedicated GPS units but are pricey, would like to go back to viewranger but my phone would die if i put it back on. What GPS set ups (if any) are you guys using?

Title: Re: GPS set up?
Post by: seanbranagh on May 01, 2019
You could pick up a cheap Android phone or even a second hand one just for Viewranger. It would be much less than a dedicated Garmin etc.
Title: Re: GPS set up?
Post by: NorthernSky on May 02, 2019
garmin eTrex touch here
they are quite expensive but you can pick them up used for around £100 on ebay
then you can use the free maps, like openstreetmap etc