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Title: New Glamping Pods at Carrick Little Track
Post by: cphltd on July 12, 2018
Hi all, we’d like to tell you about our 2 new glamping pods now open on the Carrick Little Track. Now taking bookings. For further info please contact Julie on 07729 787342
Title: Re: New Glamping Pods at Carrick Little Track
Post by: Margaret on July 12, 2018
Hi, excuse me for butting in but I was wondering if you might have any tent camping sites as well. We don't really need any facilities, but have found some of the sites charge per tent making it cost £45 per night for our family of four as the children both prefer their own wee tents. All we need is a spot to throw our tents, hopefully a couple of bushes or trees. The ability to light a real campfire for Dutch oven cooking and a scouts merit badge would be nice, but not necessary, we can use a camp stove and small but sturdy bbq if needed. We do need road access though, I have some disability now and can't hike in anymore. Also have a dog, who would be leashed and cleaned up after.

Also might I suggest a link to your site if you have one, and prices?