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Title: Another fish kill
Post by: boron on October 10, 2016
I've just heard of another fish kill. This one on the Carrigs river which flows into Dundrum bay. They are saying its a chemical spill.1600 dead fish probably sea trout ,salmon and local brown trout. Plus what effect  will it have on other river dewellers and fly life, not to mention the shellfish in the bay. Only a few weeks ago I watched a wild sea otter there. The same happened in the river Faughan earlier this year. It makes me so mad and the river/environmental agencies as always will drag their heals investigating. They will also fail to tell us if it's safe to eat anything from Dundrum bay. What about the local oyster farm there? I believe the courts are too lenient when dealing with the culprits.This will probably set the river back 10 years. Any thoughts/comments any one?
Title: Re: Another fish kill
Post by: RedLeader on October 12, 2016
I read about that one too so at least it's had a bit of news coverage. Whatever company causes these chemical spills should be more harshly dealt with but at the end of the day, the authorities are lenient because people don't really seem to care that much. If the public were a bit more vocal and outraged when things like this happened then the chances are more would be done to prevent it.
Title: Re: Another fish kill
Post by: boron on October 12, 2016
Your right,
This was done by NI water, how ironic.I was told max fine in courts was £20k.