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Title: Is it safe...
Post by: NorthernSky on May 29, 2020
to head out for hill walking exercise? or are the access routes closed off?
anyone been stopped?
haven't been near the mournes since the shutdown.
Title: Re: Is it safe...
Post by: whoRya on May 31, 2020
This is from BBC News NI

How far can I travel to take exercise or meet friends outdoors?
There are "no restrictions" on travel for those who are not self-isolating, Deputy First Minister Michelle O'Neill has said.

That means in all the instances where people are now permitted to leave home, there is no limit on the distance they can travel.

This is different from eased lockdown measures in the Republic of Ireland, where there is a 5km (3.1-mile) limit for those travelling to exercise.

While most people have followed government advice to only exercise once a day, that has never been included in regional coronavirus legislation.
Title: Re: Is it safe...
Post by: NorthernSky on May 31, 2020
thanks, could be worth a run down
you'd like to think it would be a bit easier to social distance in the mountains  :o
Title: Re: Is it safe...
Post by: whoRya on June 01, 2020
There was something put on social media by the police saying about large crowds at the Head Road, I presume this referred to a large amount of people using Carrick Little as a starting point.  Personally I'd head for avoid the usual larger car parks and take the time exploring Eagle, Shanlieve, Tievedockaragh and all around the western Mournes.  There will be hardly anyone there I would imagine.  Slievemeel, Slievemartin, starting at Knockshee is a nice part also.

I went out last week but just opted for the Antrim Hills, always better after a dry spell!
Title: Re: Is it safe...
Post by: Rugged Track on June 02, 2020
There were issues at the weekend around Trassey and Meelmore with cars blocking roads and PSNI had to shut the road.  Although I had friends went up Sunday after and parked in Donard car park with no issue.  I think there are hot spots.  I'm not sure when I will have a go try to go but friends have been out in Mournes 2 -3 times already in the past week or so.