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Title: Howdy!
Post by: Chiefski77 on February 10, 2019
Hi everyone,

I'm Chris (my friends call me Chief, I'll tell you why another time...) and I'm trying to get back into camping after years of not doing it. I'm also trying to get into hiking but find myself having to do a lot of solo hikes as no one else I know is really into it  :-\

I bought myself a surprisingly decent inflatable canoe from Decathlon last year as well as a Riot Quest 10 kayak with the idea of doing a fewof the canoe trails and sea kayaking. We had a canoe trip & overnighter on Blackwater river last summer that was amazing and really gave me the taste for it. I'll post some photos later if anyone would care to see. I've also got a plan to do a long weekends caoeing/camping trip on Lough Erne when the weather is a bit brighter.

I'm really looking forward to what I've got planned, hiking, canoeing, camping, etc. and getting to know a few like-minded people and maybe meeting a few of you if anyone is up for it!  :D
Title: Re: Howdy!
Post by: RedLeader on February 11, 2019
I heard great things about the Decathlon inflatable canoes, they're supposed to be great and very reasonably priced for what you get. I was always wary of punctures and whether they would be harder to paddle than a normal Canadian or sea kayak. I'd definitely like to see pictures, I've been very lazy these last few years so the best I can do is seeing the fun everyone else is having :P

Title: Re: Howdy!
Post by: Chiefski77 on February 12, 2019
Thanks Redleader! mine is the boat on the left (obvs!) It turns out to be so comortable when rowing because you can easily change seating position plus its airfilled on water... the seat can be made more rigid and inflated if you need that...

We went the wrong way for an hour which just made it better :D
Title: Re: Howdy!
Post by: NIPupper on February 15, 2019
that's a cool boat. imma thinking of getting myself one. summer fun and all that.
oh, and welcome!
Title: Re: Howdy!
Post by: RDeckard on March 12, 2019
Hi Chiefski77

Did you ever get out? I've been looking to get out for a while but same as you no-one i know is interested, sure let me know what your plans are, might be interested in tagging along.