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Author Topic: GTR racers  (Read 5333 times)


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GTR racers
« on: October 04, 2014 »

Just a quick attempt to save some fuel. If there is anyone entering the granite trail race on the 17th who happens to live Belfast direction, would I be to scrounge a lift if I met you in Belfast? I'm driving up from Derry and so looking to try and keep my actual wheel time under two hours each way for the evening.


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Re: GTR racers
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2014 »

 Just googled that look a tough one . I live in the City but not going to this sorry Rich
The GTR:  Detailed course preview...
The Granite Trail Race route comprises mainly of forest paths, fire roads and single track grass and granite trail.

The course measures 2 miles and there is approximately 300m (984ft) of ascent.  The highest point will be 777ft and the lowest point is at Sea level.

Participants will begin their UPHILL ONLY journey at the 'Lion Statue' outside the Tourist Information Centre in Newcastle (County Down AC) Town Centre. Competitors will make their way along Main Street and (right) into Donard Park via the promenade entrance; from Donard Park the course crosses the Glen River bridge, towards the 'Granite Trail', at approximately 2.4km (1.5 miles).

Runners will be directed right, up the steps, climbing 450ft to the Style below the Quarry and the area known locally as 'Lindsey's Leap'.  A single track grass and rock trail will take athletes further uphill to the much anticipated finish line at the Quarry, where athletes will get a stunning night time view of Newcastle Town Centre and Dundrum Bay. 

Important -  When finished, competitors will be directed from the Quarry towards the 'jog back' route, which they MUST follow back to Donard Park Pavilion and the designated 'sign out' area, where race officials will note each athletes race number to confirm their safe return off the mountain.
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