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Title: NI-Wild Safety and Responsibilty / Terms and Conditions
Post by: admin on June 10, 2009
The administrators and users of this website can take absolutely no responsibility for anyone on any of the meets that are organised through this website / NI-Wild regardless of who is doing the organising - we are a group of amateur, unqualified individuals and anyone who joins us agrees to take full responsibility for their personal safety at all times. We are simply a mechanism by which people can do in a group something they were intending to do on their own and no-one can make the assumption that the group is in any way responsible for their safety / security.

Outdoor activities carry inherent risks of personal injury. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks. Those taking part in activities planned through this website do so at their own risk and are responsible for their own actions and involvement. Everyone is encouraged to acquire personal accident insurance for their outdoor activities.

We want everyone to have a good time and encourage people to use NI-Wild to meet new people and get into the outdoors for some healthy fun but individuals must take responsibility for all aspects of their own safety at all times plus be mindful of others.

To join us or use the forum you must agree to:
People sometimes say they will attend a trip and change their mind without giving notice. With this in mind, if you say you are attending a trip and do not turn up no-one will come and look for you unless you have specifically left a mobile number with someone and asked that they raise the alarm if you do not arrive.

People may offer official or unofficial training, tuition or advice through this site - this will also always be the responsibility of the individuals concerned and we can not vouch for the credentials, experience or education/training of anyone on this forum.

Anyone who is under 18 must make their age known before agreeing to join any groups and absolutely must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times who has also agreed to these terms.

Please note, everyone reserves the right to not let people join in groups if they have any concerns - this is for the comfort and safety of all !

We don't want to be overly cautious - everyone should get out and have fun - just be careful and understand that you must at absolutely all times be responsible for yourself!
Title: Re: NI-Wild Meets - Safety and Responsibilty
Post by: ChuckMcB on December 02, 2011
More info here on organising events on the Mournes, little bit out dated in places.