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Title: NW200
Post by: johnoj on February 04, 2014
Hello all,
I'm not sure if this has been covered else where on the forum.
The North West is coming up soon, and I'm trying to find info/recommendations for campsites near the track. any info would be much appreciated.

Cheers Johno.
Title: Re: NW200
Post by: Dowser on February 15, 2014
Sorry Johnoj,

Not sure how I missed your post... Where are you travelling from?

I lived in Portrush as a student for 4 years about 16 years ago and the East Strand was an excellent spot but it's probably all changed now and camping there has probbaly been stopped.

I found this official campsite after a wee Google Search which might be useful for you but I will do another bit of research for you tomorrow when I'm not on the Scotch and hopefully get back to you.

Title: Re: NW200
Post by: johnoj on February 15, 2014
I'm fairly local, also lived in Coleraine for a few years, so I know the area quite well. The last few years we've just commuted, I've always noticed plenty of tents in fields along the main Portrush / Coleraine Rd. I would rather avoid the official camp site, but would like something secure enough where we can leave some gear and the tents up. Looking at staying Thursday - Sunday.

Cheers Johno.
Title: Re: NW200
Post by: NorthernSky on March 13, 2014
thinking of heading up myself this year for one night camping. haven't been to the NW200 in many years. is it good craic these days?