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Author Topic: Burt's Bothy - muddy boot friendly accommodation in Coleraine  (Read 10039 times)


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For all your leisure fishing mountain biking and general outdoor pursuits requirements we provide muddy boot-friendly accommodation priced at £7 per person per night.

As a travelling mountain biker, fisherman and general outdoorsy type, it always struck me how little budget muddy boot friendly accommodation there is in this country when Scotland, England and Wales have it in spades. So speaking as an outdoor pursuits enthusiast I don't need doilies, trouser press and a row of stars on the front door of my accommodation. Just somewhere warm, dry a good shower and at a reasonable price. We already have a fishery here where there is a small campsite but for those doing something more physically demanding, a tent isn't always the first choice. this is where our newly converted barn "BURT'S BOTHY" comes in. It isn't fancy but it has a solid fuel stove for heat and cooking, a hot shower, 8 beds, a TV and playstation. No doilies or trouser press and the only stars you might see will be in the night sky. We have secure lockup, wash bay and laundry service on request. No bedding is supplied. Pricing is simple £7 per person per night (deposit secures).



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  • Fred! Come over here and smoke the meat!

This is a brilliant idea, I'm sure that it will get loads of business being on the north coast.

Hopefully I might even get a wee trip organised to it.
Youl never walk alone, youuul neveeer walllk......

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