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Author Topic: New lightweight tents from Alpkit  (Read 7596 times)


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New lightweight tents from Alpkit
« on: January 26, 2015 »

Alkit have released 2 new lightweight tents weighing in at 1235g and 1499g respectively for 2 and 3 man.
They are priced at £175 and £225.

Ordos 2

Ordos 3


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Re: New lightweight tents from Alpkit
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2015 »

The weight of those is attractive, easily carried by one person.  This would give tons of space.  The angle looks good for shedding snow.  The price is competitive with other options for lightweight tents.
I followed some debate on these on another forum.  These new tents they are selling are a rebadged Golite tent.  Alpkit are in the process of designing their own lightweight tents.  In the words of Alpkit employee Jay, posting on Outdoorsmagic:

These tents are the same as the GoLite versions from the same factory that we have re-badged. As you may know GoLite have gone out of business and we were struck with a conundrum late 2014 when we visited our tent factory.

We have glowing new designs of our very own lightweight tent that will include the DAC poles we are very happy with and similar lightweight materials to these two tents - unfortunately we were set back by the lead time - over a year!

Instead of not releasing a lightweight tent this year, we took the not easy decision to offer these tents to customers as we know they are wanted and we know they are good - we are not claiming the design as our own, but what we are doing is applying the Alpkit philosophy of direct pricing, a high level of customer service and our well known warranty.

We are not the only company to have purchased some of these tents so keep your eyes peeled for other versions - but these are the only ones with our support.
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Re: New lightweight tents from Alpkit
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2015 »

This looks very similar to the Vaude Taurus Ultralight I have (which in fairness is a great tent).

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