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Author Topic: The Ulster Way a bit at a time  (Read 344 times)

NI walker

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The Ulster Way a bit at a time
« on: October 18, 2018 »


New to the forum and this is my first post.
I have always enjoyed walking but have only started doing any serious distances lately at the age of 55 ::), and I have a desire to complete the Ulster Way but i intend to do it a bit at a time.
To date I have done The Causeway Coast, The Moyle Way, The Antrim Hills, The Lecale Way, and the Ring of Gullion. They have all been tremendous in their own way, and I am honoured to have had sight of parts of our beautiful country that not everyone has the opportunity to see. My walks so far (bar the Antrim Hills) have been 2 day walks (Saturday and Sunday) and I have been very disappointed with the availability of camping facilities remotely near the middle of these 2 day treks as I like to camp and there is no accomodation near the mid point of these walks so the only option is to camp. All that is required are strategically placed camp sites mid point in these walks. A flat grassy piece of land to allow say 6off 2 man tents with a water tap and a bin is all that is required. All I see on the routes at anywhere that looks a likely campsite are council signs saying "No Camping" I can imagine the surprise on the face of someone from abroad who is considering Walking the Ulster Way, when they find out that there is no where to camp. Sorry about the rant but I would welcome any comments that anyone may have on this.
Doing the Camino Frances from La Faba in April if anyone has any experience of that.


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Re: The Ulster Way a bit at a time
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2018 »

Hi NI walker, I've hiked quite a few of the same routes you've mentioned (and plan to do as much of The Ulster Way as well) and I get where you're coming from. On The Moyle Way, Ring of Gullion Way or most of the routes that require an overnighter, there is no where 'legal' to set up camp. It's a bit baffling that we have these glorious trails than take a few days to walk but if you camp out along the way then you're more than likely camping 'illegally' on someones land but that's the only option.

Good luck with the rest of the routes.

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