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Author Topic: Hen/Cock/Pigeon with dogs  (Read 2627 times)


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Hen/Cock/Pigeon with dogs
« on: July 06, 2015 »

Hi all - I've hiked around Donard, Hare's Gap, Bearnagh a fair bit in the last couple years, always with my dog (9 yr old collie) on a lead, respecting the local signs.

I'd like to try Hen/Cock/Pigeon soon, but from the info I've read on websites there's a no dogs policy. I'm wondering if this is very strict e.g. as per Croob, or if it's just the default on those sites e.g. pretty much all the Mournes hikes listed on walkni.com say 'dogs not allowed' even though I've seen people walking there dog on those hills many times.

So seeking some real world advice from the experts :) thanks guys


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Re: Hen/Cock/Pigeon with dogs
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2015 »

Hi, I was up hen a few weeks ago and seen the signs for no dogs. However I also saw 2 couples, with 2 dogs each, walking around the same area. It was my first time there so I don't know if its common but its a bit of info for you to get started


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Re: Hen/Cock/Pigeon with dogs
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2015 »

Not much help, but I was up around Butter Mountain a few weeks ago and watched as a couple let their dog run wild, which had a great time chasing sheep.  Unfortunately there are people out there like that so it may come as no surprise that you may encounter a farmer who is none too pleased to see a dog.
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Re: Hen/Cock/Pigeon with dogs
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2015 »

In general I tend to take my dog everywhere with me, but at all times she is hooked onto my belt and never gets off until we are back to the car. Personally I view this as the only definition of a dog under proper control anyway (unless your talking about 20 year experienced dog handlers etc), but my general attitude then becomes how can my dog be of any concern on any land? If a land owner tries to argue my dog will disturb livestock etc, then you just enlighten them to the feking obvious point that as the dog is only 2ft away from your feet then by process of elimination the much larger human would likely also be causing worry to livestock, thus should they then not also have a sign that says "no nothing on this land, we are too miserable to allow anyone to enjoy it".

No I am all for a farmer/land owner taking out the 12 bore and putting rover down if they see a dog off the lead as it is just irresponsible in every way. But see how they try to use that same threat when doing so will mean they have to point a loaded weapon at a human by virtue of the short lead. I have come across a few farmers etc when on land with no dogs sign and never had any trouble as they can see the animal clearly tethered to me. The signs are generally put up due to idiot folks letting fido run wild thinking it is all good fun.

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