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Author Topic: Recommendations for lightweight gear  (Read 15035 times)


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Re: Recommendations for lightweight gear
« Reply #15 on: January 15, 2014 »

The Alpkit Pipedream is wildly popular and sells out fairly quickly, you can sign upon Alpkit's website for stock alerts. I'd also mention the Mountain Hardware Lamina 20 and Lamina 0 as good contenders. I have the 20 and it's been good, I've heard the 0 is very toasty. The Lamina is synthetic and turns up at a bargain price occasionally (I got mine for £80).

Struggling with the selection of a new sleeping bag myself.. want something light that compresses small, want down bag and needs t handle cold. I have been tinking of the RAB ascent 700 as already mentioned or Alpkit pipedream 600 seems to get good reviews although cant find them avalable on Alpkits website.

Any other sugestions? think I'll be putting whatever I get into sea to summit waterproo compression so the included compression sack quality will not really be an issue..



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Re: Recommendations for lightweight gear
« Reply #16 on: January 18, 2014 »

OK new bag ordered, rang alpkit to be told they will not have them for 4-6 months..
Went with mountain equipment titan 550 as I got it cheap. Looks a good bag time will tell.


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Re: Recommendations for lightweight gear
« Reply #17 on: October 28, 2014 »

Being from outside Ireland I want to start off by recommending a backpack I just got from a UK manufacturer:

I was looking for a lightweight backpack that is durable enough to check in on a plane and drag over the ground. Most lightweight backpacks are made with some form of cuben fibre, which is horrible for abbrasion. I ended up getting a pack from CRUX in the UK, the AK57.


It weighs 1250g is 57+5 liters and made of Kevlar/Nylon which is usually used for high end motorcycle gloves. I love the very simple design and it is made for climbing. It got a sturdy titanium frame and despite the thin straps is is very comfortable (I am 2meters tall and have the size 3). It has never leaked on me without a liner or raincover (only weekend tested so far).
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