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Title: Help
Post by: boron on February 12, 2017
I have been trying to post pics on the forum without success, I use an old iPad and have opened an imgur account and followed admins instructions but it jus wont work. So I opened a Flickr account and tried to post from there without success. I have also tried the attachment option on here and it won't post pics from here. I'm now frustrated and annoyed and would welcome any help and try any suggestions from anyone please.
Many thanks.
Title: Re: Help
Post by: whoRya on February 12, 2017
I use Flickr.  When I view the photo in flickr I can click on the 'share' icon which is down in the bottom right hand corner of the flickr screen (it is an arrow that would look like a forward image).  It then brings up a white box with options along the top.  Select BBCode and it will bring up a highlighted web address.  Simply copy this and paste it directly into a post on the forum.  I usually then delete everything except the detail that begins at the first [url and ends at the second url].  That just takes out the detail that states your username on flickr and the reference to flickr itself.  I hope that helps, it works a treat for me.

Title: Re: Help
Post by: boron on February 13, 2017
Thanks Whorya,I followed your instructions,there is no option for a BBcode coming up just copy Url which I've tried but it doesn't work.Ive came to the conclusion that my IPad is just too old.Thanks for your help anyway.
Title: Re: Help
Post by: phil_b on February 13, 2017
when i click the share button this is what i get, select the bb code option, copy and paste into the thread.

( ( ( by Philip Blair (, on Flickr
Title: Re: Help
Post by: whoRya on February 13, 2017
That's the one.