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Jetboil Flash Review

So I have had the Jetboil Flash for a few weeks now and although I’ve not had it out as much as I’d like, a proper review seems overdue. I’ll not rehash the basics which you can read in the pre-review here, I’ll just talk about my actual experiences. It’s fair to say that as […]

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New Gear First Thoughts – Jetboil & Exped Synmat

I’ve talked for a while about investing in a new Jetboil and sleeping mat. I did buy a second-hand Jetboil a few years ago but it had developed a tendency to make strange noises when lit and being already nervous of gas stoves, I’d long stopped using it. I have also been through many sleep […]


The Big Trangia Review

      What is a Trangia Trangia is the trademarked name for a line of alcohol stoves designed and manufactured by the Swedish company Trangia AB in Trångsviken. They were first sold in 1925 and being both simple and lightweight were aimed mainly at backpackers and hikers. There are a variety of models that […]


Vango Tornado 200 Review

I bought a Vango Tornado 200 second hand from a guy on another website. but before I did I did a search for a video review and was unable to find one but found loads of writen reviews with the thumbs up for the Tornado. On the back of the good review I decided to […]

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Mountain Hardware Lamina 0 review

A quick review of the sleeping bag I used in Scotland: Knowing how damp Scotland can be, and the fact that weight wasn’t an absolute priority, I plumped after a bit of research for the Mountain Hardware lamina 0 – this has synthetic insulation not affected by damp.  I’ve used and fondled a couple of […]


Lightwave G1 Ion tent review

I’ve been using the G1 ion for about 5 years now, thought you might be interested in a review.  I’ve used it in Canada, NZ, Scotland and of course at home in the rain/bog. Although described on their website: as a two person tent, I’d say it really needs to be two close friends.  I’ve […]


Primus Gravity II Stove Review

Santa and his Elves were kind enough to stuff £25 of Cotswolds vouchers in my stocking this Yuletide so I popped straight down to their Boucher Road store and bought a £55 stove – maths was never my strong point. I have a collection of stoves that are all awesome but none of which exactly […]