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Mountain Hardware Lamina 0 review


A quick review of the sleeping bag I used in Scotland: Knowing how damp Scotland can be, and the fact that weight wasn’t an absolute priority, I plumped after a bit of research for the Mountain Hardware lamina 0 – this has synthetic insulation not affected by damp.  I’ve used and fondled a couple of […]

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Wild Camp spots in Donegal


Thought you might be interested in a couple of decent wild campsites in Donegal.  These have been used regularly for the past few years by a couple of mates.  It should go without saying that if the sites are abused, then they will disappear. Both are near Dunfanaghy in NW Donegal. The first is reached […]

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Lightwave G1 Ion tent review


I’ve been using the G1 ion for about 5 years now, thought you might be interested in a review.  I’ve used it in Canada, NZ, Scotland and of course at home in the rain/bog. Although described on their website: as a two person tent, I’d say it really needs to be two close friends.  I’ve […]

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Scottish winter camp and walk


Hi all.  Just a quick review of a recent trip to Scotland.  I’d been to Aviemore several times before and can recommend it for a taste of Scottish mountain walking combined with great campsite facilities – and loads of gear shops in the town for the gear geeks! Travel: For more than one person, a […]

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