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tall tales in the high places


The Brandy Pad is a popular route through the Mourne Mountains and, as the name suggests, it was the route popular for smuggling in the eighteen hundreds. The story was that it was used to smuggle items from the coast; coffee, tea, silk and …..brandy. It is said that the smugglers would have made their […]

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a ridiculous amount of hares


It has been a while since I have stepped foot on the hills as my wife and I have only just brought a new little soul into this world, although it feels like it is he who made us his servants and facilitators.  It means we have found his life taking up our time and […]

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Hidden Dangers in the Hills


A couple of months ago I sat down to watch an episode of James May’s Man Lab.  I was initially impressed with the bit about the three pin plug.  I used to teach how to wire a plug as part of the GCSE Physics course before it seemed to slip away.  Soon it may become […]

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