Hares Gap Camp

Disgusted with myself for missing a few recent camps (well maybe not the Slievemoughanmore one ::) ) and spurred on with the purchase of a new bivvy tent and some fine weather I decided to do a summit camp on Bearnagh. The call was put out and Adam responded so it we were set for a blind date having never met each other before, sure what’s the worst that could happen! Well the worst did happen, the forecast changed >:( rain appeared and I was so tempted to stay at home by the nice warm fire, but I couldn’t let Adam down so a quick half hour packing the bag (just grabbed the 85 litre rucksack and stuffed everything in) I was in the car and it wouldn’t start! not to worry, it has a wee intermittent fault and after a few resets I was on my way again. It rained the whole way there but I knew it was to clear soon with the potential for clear skies later ๐Ÿ™‚

Waterproofs were donned at Meelmore Lodge and within 10 minutes we were sweating, the rain had certainley died down and by the time we got to the saddle it had all but stopped. Now there was a bit of a breeze and we knew it would be worse at the top so an executive decision was made to wimp out and lessen the suffering by camping at Hare’s Gap.

P1090399 (Large)


P1040757 (Small)

Adam’s palacial Zephros 1

P1090403 (Small)

My more modest Phoenix Phoxhole (picked up in a charirty shop for ยฃ6 ๐Ÿ™‚ )

P1040775 (Large)

We spent most of the evening experimenting with night photography

P1040779 (Large)

No stars yet but the night was young

P1040796 (Large)

Wasn’t as warm as it looked

P1040800 (Large)

Toasting the mitts

P1040834 (Large)

Experimenting with white and red lights from the headtorches

P1040835 (Large)

At last the stars have appeared

P1040844 (Large)

The plough appears above Slievenaglogh

P1040852 (Large)

Shooting star?

P1040864 (Large)

2am and time to fire up the Alpkit Brukit for pot noodles

P1040878 (Small)

View from the bedroom at silly o clock

P1090440 (Large)

The morning rain didn’t appear so lay on til 9am

P1090448 (Small)

I hope that wasn’t a cross 8)

P1090449 (Large)

Our wind break, it was very calm on this side of the wall

P1090459 (Small)

Good morning Spellack

P1090471 (Large)

All packed up and ready to go to work, and to see if the car would start! (it did but then broke down about 15 times and it took me over 3 hrs to get to workย  :'( )

P1090478 (Small)

Gathering some rubbish from the area, not all was ours!

P1090479 (Large)

As Fred would say “Nobody got pregnant and we didn’t eat anyone” or did weย  :o

P1090486 (Small)

Just as we get down the hill the cloud rolls in to cover our campsite

Carlsberg don’t do quick overnighters, but LandyLiam does ๐Ÿ˜‰

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2 Responses to Hares Gap Camp

  1. Allan Wilson says:

    Did you do this in November? You reckon this would be good for a first time? I’ve done Trassey and the Hare’s Gap loads of times but wild camping is an absolute new to me. Considering sometime in the winter months if we get the weather for it. Looks like a hoot.

  2. Simon Sweeney says:

    I enjoyed you blog and the photos it’s something I’ve done myself thanks

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