Mourne Way Marathon

By ClaireBear

In January this year I decided that this would be the marathon year, not a road one as my body is wrecked so this seemed like the obvious choice. I entered the 10km last year and loved it, the route was nice, great run through kilbroney and the sun was splitting the trees.

This year the weather wasn’t quite playing ball and torrential rain all morning and the weeks before the race was gonna dish up a muddy cut up route.

The marathon starts in donard park and after registration in Kilbroney forest the buses take the runners over to the start. It’s a well ran process and although the entry fee can be seen as steep (£45 I think) the transport, free buff and good medal make up for this.


First section is pretty much a climb up to the quarry, I got into to a brisk walk and then overtook on the downhill sections.

Trail shoes are a must and even with mine the ground was still a challenge.  I was amazed that some runners had road gutties on.

A run through trails and into tollymore where the ground as you know is great.  The water stops are pretty regular, every 4/5 miles and the fruit cake is yummy!

Trassey next which is tough as there are a few streams which I just beat on through. Past fofanny dam into shin deep muck and up a tight climb to ott car park.  This is where the Half marathon starts.


The Tarmac section lasts a couple of miles past spelga and heading toward Hen track.  Tarmac up or down hill is never good so I was glad to get off it, there is however a loo stop at spelga which was handy.


I knew this next section was long and hard round Hen mountain and up Hen track, the view of runners in the distance running up it and through the saddle was a little hard to look at so I kept my head down and chatted a little with other runners.


After that slog it’s a run to the 10km start point and the easier section through Kilbroney forest to the finish.

The 26extreme guys run a good event and even though the weather didn’t play ball in the morning of the race it was actually quite warm once I cleared tollymore.

Fair play to the ultra runners they have to do it twice.  The Half is also a challenging route but a very scenic route, the 10km is great, and the 5km very achieve able for anyone who wants to enter a short race for a quick off road time.

The finish is well ran, I got my medal, water, skipped on the alcohol free erdinger as I felt sick looking at the bubbles there were sweets and trail bars as well to take if you wanted.


I brought myself around and devoured a three piece dinner box, super chip and coke in friar tucks!

I would recommend this event to anyone who loves trail running, no matter what distance you do it’s a tough race.

By LandyLiam

We were rather lucky with the weather on the half marathon, bit of rain just at the start then it cleared up nicely. I hadn’t entered but I got a text from a clubmate that morning saying he couldn’t take part due to injury so I rather hesitantly jumped at the chance with only 5 hours notice!


Dodging the rain in the shelter of the bus at ott car park

P1060832Small_zpscfd5b8fcP1060845Small_zps1134bbc6My first real test of my new aclimatise zephyr jacket (it was excellent)


Just a little road running at the start but we soon got onto the muddy stuff, the course was a good mixture of terrains, you could just about use road shoes but trail shoes were recommended if you had them.




There was the odd puddle 🙂


And yes the fruit cake at the feeding stations was delicious, i ate so much i wasn’t even hungry when i got home!


The wonderous site of the finish line, and a big pint of erdinger, delicious


This was my first MWM, I know its a bit pricey, but I can highly recommend it, might even try the marathon next year!

With thanks to ClaireBear and LandyLiam. Original post here.

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