Spinkwee River Camp

Myself the son and specimanYak had a great first time up at the Spinkwee river on Saturday 2nd March.

Made or way down to the Meelmore Lodge campsite for about lunch time on Saturday (first time here aswell) as i had learnt from the forum that they offer secure parking for overnight stays, nothing like a bit of peace of mind when you know the cars gonna be safe.

So we paid our dough and were ready to go  ;D sorry lol.  We got all geared up and set off.  Our plan was just to hike up to the Spinkwee through Tollymore forest and then follow the Sprinkwee up to the camp spot (Thanks Mourneman for the photie of the route) the hike up through Tollymore was handy enough maybe a bit hilly in parts nothing too big but i was carrying way to much stuff so it wasnt long untill photo stop 1  ;) ;) and not long after that it was 3 4 5 and 6 but we trudged on and to be honest it was very nice just to be out, the weather was fantastic not even a whisper of a breeze maybe a bit cloudy but sure you cant have it everyway.  We wandered on chattin about this and that and before we new it we were up at the wall at the crossing point for the river,  over we went and within 5 or 10 mins we were at the campsite or so we thought while we were looking for a way down specimanYak spotted the proper spot just around the bend in the river. What a fantastic wee spot it is sheltered in its own wee valley, a good sized flat area  and the river,  what more do you need.

It was tents up and and tea and Biccys.  SpecimanYak had his Gillert Solo up for the first time and we were both well impressed with the weight and size but the proof is in the pudding with these things ie how well they and you cope at night but it proved itself as the lazy sod didnt waken till 10 the next morning ;D ;D ;D ;D

After a quick cuppa our thoughts turned to tonights movie so it was a quick forrage around for some firewood which was plentyfull lots of dead wood and old broken dead gorse about, we were sorted. We new light would be fading soon so after quick meal it was time to get the fire going and settle down for the evening with a few snifters of the old camping juice and sort out the problems in the world. The weather stayed very mild and with the fire going we were super cossy,  after much chewing the fat it was time to push out a few ZZZZZZs.

The next morning was much the same weather wise still no wind at all, we just lazed the morning away had a bit of lunch and decided to break camp and head back to Mellmore and although the packs were lighter it just seemed that we bit harder walking back(i wonder if it could maybe be the camping juice) :o

All in all two great days and fantastic nights fun cant wait to get out again now!!!!

With thanks to Glenn B

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